David Loftus Photography Masterclass – Aperture & Depth of Field

- December 7, 2016



David Loftus shows you how to get the very best picture possible.

Thanks to Jamie Magazine please visit http://pa-z.us/photo-masterclass

• Aperture or F Stop controls the amount of light coming in through the lens
by opening or closing a diaphragm in the lens.
• The F stop you choose also has a direct influence on what is know as
“Depth of Field”, this is the distance an image remains sharp from front to
back, a small F stop i.e. a higher number say F22 will give greater depth of
field (more sharpness) this is useful when trying to show all the detail of
objects that have some depth, the greater the number the more closed the
diaphragm is.
• A more open F stop i.e. F2.8 lets in more light but gives a shallower depth
of field, this is useful when light levels are low or if you are wanting to throw
areas of a photo out of focus, this can help direct peoples attention to a
certain part of the photo and distract from the background by throwing it out
of focus.
• Think of it like a tap, the more open the diaphragm the more
light can get through.

Shutter speed
• Shutter speed refers to the amount of time the shutter
remains open to capture the image, so to freeze an image
in motion it would not be uncommon to use a speed of
1/1000th of a second or faster (some cameras go as fast
as 1/8000th sec!), Alternately some images made at night
with a tripod can be several hours long.
• If hand holding try not to use a speed below 1/60thsec.
Longer lenses need faster speeds to obtain a sharp
image, i.e. 200mm lens use 1/250th.

ISO or Gain/Film speed
• Refers to the sensitivity of the film or chip to light, the
higher the number the more sensitive, the down side to
this is that the faster (higher) the iso the more “Noise” or in
the case of film “Grain” there will be in the image.
• Higher ISO is good when handholding the camera in low
light or when fast shutter speeds are needed (sports).
• A lower ISO is best when photographing using a tripod or
when quality is an issue.



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  • man, to get this kind of DoF with a DSLR, even with full frame, you'd need to go to f1.8 or even 1.4

    1337juri - 53 months ago

  • but see that's the thing! Photography is Really easy and basic, it's just how you use such knowledge and work it into your shots that can be a challenge. Everything else is experience

    KajTaotsu - 55 months ago

  • Thanks for the information :)

    TheALTAnative - 60 months ago

  • sorry this BS might be enough for your average tv consumer... but its nothing to youtube and to call this a masterclass is a big joke.... lulz

    uncertainty principle - 60 months ago

  • Thank you...

    ChynaGirLisHere - 60 months ago

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