Focusing Techniques for Photography

- November 17, 2016



Modern DSLR cameras have a number of tools to assist with auto focus functions. One of the problems is these modes can be confusing and unintuitive if you haven’t explored the correct ways to use them.
You’ll need to consult your camera manual to see how these techniques apply to your specific make and model but in this episode I’m going to cover the two basic techniques of spot focusing and continuous (servo) focusing, when you would use these modes and the techniques around getting them to work for you.

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  • Still relevant topic for new beginner like me.

    Koco Widyatno - 2 months ago

  • I don't mean to "pick" but I'm an inquisitive man and i like the world to follow certain rules.
    I have heard the fireflies photo called a mis focus, an accidental motion blur (both by Mr Carter) and now a creative decision.
    It's a great photo and Mr Carter is a great photographer but I don't like it when the stories don't match.

    Rob Davis - 2 months ago

  • Hello. To capture dancing people, wht settings should i use?

    Avinash Butani - 3 months ago

  • I am so much enjoying your videos at the moment. Thanks so much for having done all of these videos, I feel as if I am learning so much

    Simon Holmes - 4 months ago

  • thanks for this inspiring and informative channel.

    Andreas J - 7 months ago

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