Free Lightroom Presets – Essential 12 Preset Collection

- November 7, 2016



Follow the link to download FREE Lightroom Presets from

Below is the quick reference guide to give you an idea of what kind of look and style each preset produces. The best way to take advantage of the presets is to install them and experiment on your own.

Free Lightroom Landscape Presets

Natural – gives your landscapes a natural look with rich colors and well defined skies.
HDR Blend – when your photos have bright highlights and dark shadows, this preset is for you.
End of Summer – stylish look with a hint of magenta color.
Harsh Shadows – adds an extra punch with increased contrast.

Free Lightroom Cross Processed Presets

Hawaii Sunset – bring the feeling of the bright and warm Hawaii sun to your photos.
Gentle Wave – muted colors with extra contrast.
Haze – a vintage style with toned down colors and low contrast, which creates a look similar to Instagram filters.

Free Lightroom Presets For Portraits

Clearface – a preset created specifically for portraits. It opens up the shadows, smoothes the skin and de-saturates orange and red colors for more natural looking skin tones.
In Style – originally created for portraits and group shots, it has the classic cross processing look. It also works with the landscapes and cityscapes.
Coffee Time – stylish processing with brown/red overlay
Soft Shadows – balanced black and white style suitable for portraits and landscapes.
Darkroom – retro, analogue black and white/sepia style with extra grain

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  • This video is misleading - Asking people to sign up to his website to receive presets free.. You get nothing! Reported.

    13Design - 1 month ago

  • The portrait presets , do they work with dark skinned people? And how well do they work?

    Pedro Flores - 1 month ago

  • Thanks for the download, looking forward to using these.

    ianhartill - 6 months ago

  • thanks...

    jhon cena - 7 months ago

  • nothing dawonload

    please send me a link

    Ninama Devang - 7 months ago

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