HDR Light Mixology – Lightroom 4 Mixology for LR4 Preset System Users

- November 13, 2016




We have yet another Lightroom 4 Preset System Mixology episode! In this LR4 Mixology tutorial, we will be showing you how and in which situations we like to use the 24 Vivid Landscape HDR Light Preset. In addition, we will also be showing you the recipe using the LR4 Preset System, just to help you guys get a better idea of how to create your own Mixologies with a few simple clicks. This preset Mixology is great for those shots that are pretty flat to begin with because it will add a lot of contrast when it’s done. This is a lighter version of the HDR Mixologies so stay tuned for the next one! It is included in the Presets 1.1 update under 24 HDR Light in the Vivid | Landscape category in your My Mixology Folder. http://pa-z.us/hdr-lightroom-presets

Comments (10)

  • True.

    Weed Talk - 58 months ago

  • False.

    undyingvoice - 58 months ago

  • and this is a single image where HDR is usually bracketed?

    dwshetler - 59 months ago

  • $100 for some presets bro? This can easily be done in Ps. Lr is for people with extreme OCD. If you know what you're doing in Ps you don't really need Lr.

    Weed Talk - 60 months ago

  • 100$ ? Thanks but I'll bring up the shadows and tones myself...

    Paulo Melo - 60 months ago

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