High-Speed Photography Tutorial with Splashes and Flashes

- December 6, 2016



In this high-speed photography tutorial, you will learn how to freeze the motion of water splashes by using external flashes, a fish tank, and an object of your choice. For much more like this, visit: http://pa-z.us/trick-photography-effects

Hey what’s up, its Evan and today you are going to learn how to take a high-speed photograph of fruits and vegetables being dropped into a fish tank yeah alright so first and foremost is my setup i am currently in my beautiful garage and here is the fish tank itself i purchased this at Walmart for about 12 bucks it’s a 10 gallon tank and it is being elevated by a ladder here and a ladder there and there’s a board in between the two I filled up the fish tank by using this hose that is coming out of my backyard next is the camera it is pointing directly at the fish tank and the lens that’s on here is a 50 millimeter lens it is a prime land so it’s going to be very sharp if you don’t have a prime lens just use whatever lens you have anything will work but this is ideal next that’s on here is a RF 602 wireless flash trigger this just pops on the old shoe or hot shoe whatever you want to call it and all this does is that whenever you take a picture pushing the button is it will fire the flashes and illuminate your subject perfectly so here is the two flashes there’s one here and one here both flashes have plastic bags over them to protect them from water and both of them also have the RF 602 receiver on them to receive the flash signal so they fire so this one right here it is on uh 1 30 second power and it is basically pointing upward a little just slightly upward toward the subject the next flash is right above the fish tank and it is basically pointing downward arm and just flashing in this area this is really cool because once the fruit once i drop the fruit and it’s right about here you you can see the water reflections from the surface being projected onto the fruit or vegetable itself so that is a really cool trick.

Next let me show you the background that i’m using here it is right here it’s on another white stand and what is attached to the lights and is this reflector holder this is actually originally meant to hold a reflector but i actually have a board right here so it’s just a blackboard that you can buy any office store whatever you need to do and it basically just hold on to it it’s like a little cloth that just kinda grabs onto it now right now this is black but if I wanted a white background all I would have to do is put a white board here and then turn on this flash which is which is just pointing upward at here she is to blow out the background completely to make it totally white the power on this flash I would probably turn it to about 14 powermax and one-sixteenth power probably to the lowest i don’t want to do full power because if you’re on full power the flash duration will be longer and you may get motion blur so always try to use the lowest powered saying is you can on all three flashes are all two flashes or whatever you’re using all right remember that is the flashes that are freezing the motion knocks the camera right now the cameras on f-14 a hundred and sixty-four the second and iso 100 so I’m gonna take the picture with no flashes going off you would just see total darkness because with the camera settings it’s eliminating always

Little library it is these flashes that are going to illuminate the subject and please the most emotion instantaneously alright so here we go on using two peppers peppers are really good because they’re very vibrant they are very light and they float very well so it’s perfect for dropping into fishing so here we go I’m just gonna push the button on the camera as soon as I drop them so three two and one and so they were going to solve there’s a little bit of splash and there’s the picture was pretty good also if you want to remove the little specks of water that pop on the fish tank afterwards he’s one of these squeegee things it’s really good you just you just squeegee it off and yeah the water drops will just disappear just like that and then you can pick up whatever that that’s it again and take hundreds of photos.

For much more like this, visit: http://pa-z.us/trick-photography-effects

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  • I got it! ... I need to work more overtime for about a year to save $10.000 in order to buy a gear like yours so I can take a picture of a green pepper. Really?

    Omar Hadjarab - 10 months ago

  • Hi can i ask how to make a slides show photos with quick speed? Thanks

    idman idman - 11 months ago

  • Evan my boy....you are very creative and have some awesome insights into high-speed photography...really enjoyed watching the green and red sweet peppers falling into the aquarium...What I want to know is did you cut those suckers up and fry them with garlic and onions in olive oil? Oh yeas, and then eat them over pasta and sauce? :-)

    Luis' Tuber Channel - 12 months ago

  • if shoot without flashes can i take this high speed photo use only camra flash

    Ajinkya Mhatre - 12 months ago

  • wow that's really good and amazing !!

    Christophe Labolle - 13 months ago

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