how to do Trick Photography and special effects photography from Evan Sharboneau

- December 7, 2016



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Module 1: Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting

Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting
Setting the Shutter speed
Setting the Aperture
Setting the ISO
Setting the White Balance
Generic Common Settings for Light Paintings
Fundamental Lights and Techniques
Maglights and LEDs
Maglight Review
Key chain LED Review
The Two Styles
Light Painting
Light Drawing
Light Painting
Using The Fiber Optic Adapter
Light Drawing
Other Light Sources
RGB LED Strips
Laser Pens
Fiber Optics
Glow Sticks and Cathodes
Glow in the Dark Paint
Pop-Up Flashes and Off-Camera Flashes
Flash Gels
Flash Stencils
The Classic Stencil Cut-out Method
The Printer Method
City Lights
Fire Dancing!
Steel Wool (by Chris Reynolds)
EL Wire
Light Painting Techniques
Camera tossing and abstracts
Lights on wheels and hoops
Reflections and mirroring
Writing Text
Combining different lights
Creating Orbs
Creating Domes
Blending Multiple Exposures
Light Stitching (Unofficial term)
Light Painting Perfect Circles (by Dennis Calvert)
Motion Blur
Using Filters to Increase Shutter-speed Duration
Blurring Waterfalls and Beaches with Long Exposure
Blurring Clouds with Long Exposure
Blurring People
Long Exposure + Square Format
Star Trails
Going Past 30 Second Exposure Times
Using an Interval Timer Shooting mode (or an Intervalometer)
Using a Remote to take Star Trails
Using a Cable Release
Using a Rubber Band
Camera Settings for Star Trails Photos
The Multiple Exposure Method
Secret Star Trail Tricks
Other fun long exposures

Module 2: Trick Photography and Special Effects
In-Camera Illusions
Forced Perspective
Shadow Heart
Unscrewed Light Bulb Trick
Reflections in Animal Eyes
Monitor Droste
Reaching into the Monitor
Transparent Screen
Without Photoshop
With Photoshop
Rotated Perspective
Shaped Bokeh
Double Exposures
The Orton Effect
Upside-Down Reflections
HDR Photography
Taking the HDR Photograph
Post-Processing in Photomatix
Post-Processing using

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  • Genius with great ideas..

    wksoh - 53 months ago

  • Hey Evan.... wow... wonderful ebook - having a ball....videos are great... lovin being creative... thanks so much for all your efforts

    Casey Lynn - 58 months ago

  • Evan--You have opened up many new possibilities with the new e-book. Could not be happier with your book and excellent videos. Look forward to getting out in the world and apply the new knowledge. I teach a photo class and will certainly encourage them to purchase your products.

    Dale Cole - 61 months ago

  • Hi Evan, just ordered your videos and DVD is on the way. Loving the videos. Very clear, easy to follow instructions. Love the tricks and tips. Thanks for putting this together.

    Jacalyn Evone - 62 months ago

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