Hybrid Image Optical Illusion (Photoshop Tutorial)

- December 5, 2016



Hybrid Imagery is an optical illusion that can be applied to photography. What you do is Overlay two photos on top of one another (one high-pass image and one blurred image) and then view the image from different distances. If you view it up-close, you will see the high-pass image, but if you view it from far away, you will see the blurry image. If done with good technique, each image is seen separately but does not deviate from reality. See MUCH more: http://pa-z.us/trick-photography-effects

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  • I despise long boring Narcissistic videos that 'attempt' to explain something that would take exactly one paragraph to explain. This one is no exception…

    Frank Utne - 3 months ago

  • Cool.

    Stefan Reich - 5 months ago

  • Just finished my UWP hybrid image app. You combine two images and from the combined image, you see first image when seen from some distance and see second image at a closer look. Have a look at it.


    Umair Jameel - 20 months ago

  • Hey! Can I do this with words?

    Edžusšovs - 21 months ago

  • Try making a picture with the Devil on one shoulder and an Angle on the other

    james lowery - 25 months ago

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