Landscape Photography Masterclass by Martin Osner

- December 7, 2016


Join Martin Osner, award winning South African landscape and fine art photographer ( on a one seven day masterclass in outdoor natural light photography. Lean how to work with light, create panoramic, HDR and infrared photographs plus so much more. Prepare for an inspirational week of photography that you will never forget with one of the worlds leading photographers and teachers.

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  • >> Photography Masterclass Discount Offer 2016 <<

    abanderados uprca - 21 months ago

  • Music too loud and very annoying.

    Kieran Stafford - 27 months ago

  • I read a few comments and what I've noticed is that many complained about the music, however I believe it's a matter of preference as I enjoyed the audio, the selections and didn't find it too loud at all. I heard and understood clearly what you were saying and I thought it was an excellent markings strategy. The photos were amazing might I add, I guess in the future as you speak you can turn down the music as you speak for those who couldn't hear well as it appears it was annoying for them otherwise I think it was appealing. Good job live the angles, the uses of light, I appreciate the tips.

    walter manson - 28 months ago

  • Great informative video. Thanks for sharing!

    Sheeza Noor - 32 months ago

  • I really enjoyed the video Martin and you captured my interest. However, my sense of inspiration was dampened by the rudeness of some of the comments. Not really...I'm still inspired!

    Ken Englert - 39 months ago

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