Learn Mobile Photography: Editing Process Tutorial

- December 7, 2016



http://pa-z.us/photo-editing All right we’re going to start off from the shoot today we’re going to open up camera app I’m going to go into our photos we only took about 30 photos so here’s all our photos and we’re going to open up a couple let’s go through these of our model today Lindsay I like their face looks good in all these this one so we can really see your face just kind of looking down its kind of let’s go for the one or she’s looking to the side so there we go like that so you can in he’ll be trying to do ok so here’s our camera roll from today we’re going to go through all these photos let’s start editing this one of Lindsay let’s go through them this one her face is not all right that was a good one that one.

I like that one their faces to the side alright let’s open up that one in sap scene I love snap see to just take the photos and kind of straighten them and edit them so i think is this one yep so what we’re going to do we’re just going to bring it up a little bit little ambience contrast that that that back part is kind of dark so see if we can bring up just that part by using selective adjust so I’m going to just and go all right we’re going to save that bad boy save to photo library boom father saved all right we’re going to next crop it into the crop we want.

I like that one she wasn’t as into one bring your perfectly centered cool all rights and save that all right now we’re going to open it up in afterlight open up to take photos alone so I can all right open it up we’re going to me play a little clarity who not so much just a little down so clarity there we go like that and now we’re going to look at our filters actually that’s let’s say this bad boy first it’s a go to filter storm the storm awesome apt for retouching let’s open up that last photo for photo role and we’re looking for any distractions in the photo so looking off the bat looks pretty clean this area up here it’s kind of distracting I don’t know what’s going on there the mode that part this part ski lift maybe we’ll take that out too.


All right so we’re going to do the clone tool select what part were you want to edit and then let’s draw that in all right cool it’s a little weird over there so I am perfect looks awesome now we’re going to take off the ski lift part that in it looks good now cool so far it is done we’re going to save this guy all right now we’re going to open it up and apply a filter and stick it in the visco import this bad boy let’s look at some filters I like s2. s2 looks awesome BMS – looks cool to bring down the levels of it and I like that let’s save it perfect so there we have it final image it’s awesome.

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  • Can you do a tutorial how to make the background look blurry . Thanks for sharing your tips with us :)

    Cindy Avila - 4 months ago

  • Follow me on Instagram: seleneamberbelir_xo

    ASH vs LENE - 6 months ago

  • Cool :)

    Jazper Louie Lim - 16 months ago

  • i dont use editing apps i just use what the phone gives me.

    The beast Boy - 18 months ago

  • damn snapseed looks light years better nowadays

    Nick - 20 months ago

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