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Learn Photo Editing – Advanced Photoshop manipulation tutorial http://pa-z.us/photo-editing

Today I am this is going to be a color grading tutorials for wedding photography for wedding photographers I know this tutorial we’ll be divided in five r6 parts on going to use three different forums and I’m going to try to create armagh six different looks are and so this is going to be part 1

it’s a pretty basic tutorial here it’s really it’s not going to take you much time which is good because you know with photos you can you know if you have a lot of for those who want to work fast if you’re just going to want to I mugged by if you follow then you can on take your take your time a little more so now this is going to be the end result okay and that is and this is this was the this is the original go to the on group ungraded for the that we’re going to start with then we’re going to finish with this one on us so let’s start right now I when it comes to my color grading workflow in Photoshop.

I’m I always start with selective got in there just the Selective Color adjustment layer the layer new adjustment layer selective color and and within selective color I always start with neutrals because if you start with red your only affecting one caller if you’re starting with neutrals I you’re affecting the entire image and this is where I get to figure out what look I’m going to give I might image and then I go from there so so here what you want to do is is simply play with the sliders is no real science behind it each display with the sliders and you either you wanna go where did you trying to go with a certain look and I don’t know if you want that type of 10 tonya image than you might go for that but otherwise what I usually do is like you

just try to figure out at one what point does my image look its best and I and and when you reached when you are reach that goal here you just move to the next one and go from there I now since already know to values to put the ROM going to quickly enter them so we don’t waste too much time here I opted so so those are the values I entered I I i came up with for the neutrals make sure it’s a plus two year would so tiny bit of change on and we’ll go with the blacks I usually I’ll go with blacks right after neutrals so good so we see the change here then I go to usually go been done the less starting with reds this time not going to a change in eating for the rasmin to go with the yellows ok mom -10 year then the Greens by away the yellows you see it affects the skin it affects are the trees on so -10 year the green of course will affect the trees leaves year on line minus 43 you know though this science which it will affect this guy do I did too contrast %uh then I’m going to go with them lose the you and not said dad said for the you see a difference at said for the other selective color are now arm what I want to do is I want to change arm I want to change I want to make dress a little brighter are maybe our work on the are I’m you know I wanted to bit more are I wanted pure white so what I’m going to do here is

I since we since I only want to affect the dress and you do out to do that with a mask are we need to add another adjustment layer selective color and I since we only want to affect the dress we’re going to mom create a mask where I one will first feel the mask with the color black so then there for the adjustment layer doesn’t affect the image I’ll bf the adjustment layer is only a going to affect the white parts after the mask so then we’re going to use the the brush ok with white paint and we’re going to are basically I paint over the dress with the color white so I’m just going to increase the size of my brush let’s say forty-percent capacity 100 and I’m just going to what I can do to make it easy I’m just going to push dot well that didn’t work well I’m going to go with the white and we do pushed out temp worker temporarily and so I know exactly what I’m doing here so home going to paint over the dress okay so that is done and at this point I’m just going to 0 back here and I’m going to and to those settings with so you can see here that the dresses is a little bit more are bright are the White is are bad either I and I and and then we’re going to a we’re going to they color balance adjustment layer this is following on selective color I always go with color balance IOM so here we’re going to do the same thing we did with selective color so we’re just going to play with the sliders of course here mid tones is going to affect the the Midtown Zafar image I the shadows it’s going to affect the shadows the you know PI lights sup explanatory worsen with the mid don’t and we’re just going to again do the same thing as we did with the Selective Color. Color balance isn’t the same thing as selective color you can get I guess I feel not the you know it it got color balance is a nice compliment to a selective color sorry I’m just going to into the third thing settings real quick.


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