Levitation Photography Tutorial: How To Float In Mid Air

- December 7, 2016



In this photography tutorial I teach you how to take a picture of a person (or object) floating in mid air. If you enjoyed this, there is more good stuff in my Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book.

I’m going to show you how to take a picture of yourself floating in mid-air and with this you need you need for things I’m you need a camera any camera will do you need a tripod or at the very least a sturdy surface to put it on so it won’t move at all and also need a stool and you also need on Adobe Photoshop or a picture editing program and that’s it so basically what you do is you take two pictures you take one picture with you sitting on a stool and then you take another picture with no stool and the frame and without you and the frame either and all show you right now how to do it so all right what the stool back here and then I very much our remote for my camera so I’m just going to use that to take a picture while I’m on the stool on you can also use a friend or you can also put your camera on a timer that allows that option.

OK just going to get it in focus all right in focus so I turned back to manual focus and now I’ll use actually going to use the timer no use the remote okay so yeah so get on here take the picture I’ll take another one with that about anything in the front ok so now we’re on the computer and these are the two files we took one of me on the chair and one with nothing in the frame I’m going to drag and drop them into Photoshop and then you’ll get to windows so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go down to actually what we’re going to do is we’re going to push control a and then we’re going to push ctrl C so I just selected the whole picture and copied it now we’re going to close out of this and then we’re going to paste it onto this picture so you push ctrl v command V if you’re on a Mac.

ok so now I don’t you see you have two layers here we’re going to do is select this one and arm going on here and watch this layer mask click that and then select the layer mask here just click it was control I and invert the layer max all right and now what I did is I just zoomed in and now I’m going to take a brush a white brush because that’s the opposite color of the layer mask and I’m just going to on just paint over the school ok now zoom in to get really close to get into those details and get the brush smaller to make it more accurate and then you know just kind of get rid of the stool and sometimes when you’re sitting on it will come out to be a little weird but you can just you know it’s fine you can see my back is kind of really flat arm but i don’t think anyone that’s good ok so yes I can float.

OK so if you go to my blog (http://pa-z.us/trick-photography-effects) it has this tutorial + more information written out including how to make this picture;. Thanks very much I will see you there.

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  • Studying away! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I am the guy who sent you the two photos of my initial Light Painting Photography results. Hope to master these techniques!

    The West Central - 13 months ago

  • I enjoyed learning from the well planned and executed explanation of camera lenses and trick photography. Written in a conversational tone. Short and sweet tour of the terminology and techniques of contemporary Digital SLR camera lenses: "glass". The best part is the very helpful graphics that make it easy to understand basic lens concepts and secret photography. https://plus.google.com/b/116518508242424166405/116518508242424166405/posts/CTxZ6XB76kx

    William D. Ramirez - 13 months ago

  • Can you please mention the photoshop software

    Hanoosh Vijayan - 13 months ago

  • I especially love the fact you have logged in to your MULTIPLE youtube accounts to add Bullshit positive comments to your own video. wtf get a life.

    Carky Media - 13 months ago

  • >Top Secret Photography Techniques. Become Unique, Creative & Artistic >https://www.fb.com/PhotographyTechniquespage/app/?sk=app_208195102528120 >

    Richard M. Root - 14 months ago

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