Masterclass Live – Week 1

- December 7, 2016


Part 1 of the Art of Photography – Masterclass Live series

Developing Your Style As A Photographer

You can download the course materials here:

Lecture notes:


Class Page:

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  • I know I am waaaaaaaaaaay too late but I would REALLY REALLY love to have those notes and assignments files. Is there any way to got a hand on those? I have been feeling kind of stuck with my photography and think this will be my cure. Any one? Pretty please?

    Elena Pelena - 1 month ago

  • I would really appreciate if somebody could tell me where I can get the lectures and the assignments links :)

    Alvaro Len - 2 months ago

  • recently I saw you present an add for B&H was this really worth it for you. Al Williams

    al Williams - 2 months ago

  • Watching these for the first time in 2017. So grateful for your knowledge and time spent on these. I trust my brain has sufficient elasticity for all the stretching. Bless you!

    Firefromthenorth - 4 months ago

  • thanks for the class. I arrive a litle bit late, now or today is march 25, 2017. really you make a very good job. un gran abrazo

    jose a. hermoso m. - 4 months ago

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