Masterclass Live – Week 1

- December 7, 2016


Part 1 of the Art of Photography – Masterclass Live series

Developing Your Style As A Photographer

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  • If we were discussing authors' styles, we wouldn't talk about the genres their works fall into, would we? So it's somewhat disconcerting to listen to you talking about style when discussing the specializations that photographers choose - eg, landscape, street, and so on. With the analogy from writing, it seems that a visual artist's style would revolve around his particular techniques and methods in support of his art. Not his voice, but the particular means he uses to express his voice.

    Tom R - 16 months ago

  • I have been watching your podcasts for sometime now. I have been taking pictures for years (taking pictures) not Photographs, until I started watching your shows. I have learned so much from watching and my head is swimming from all of the information. But now my mind is turned in the right direction, so much so, that I may be able to take those breathtaking images I vision. Thanks Ted for your hard work, keep it up.

    Dawn Mitchell - 21 months ago

  • can't afford a helicopter, but now you have a drone! 👍

    Caffeine High - 22 months ago

  • Ive only watched lesson 1 but already this looks fantastic. Thanks Ted for sharing your knowledge, approach and enthusiasm

    Brian Boyce - 24 months ago

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