Masterclass Live – Week 1

- December 7, 2016


Part 1 of the Art of Photography – Masterclass Live series

Developing Your Style As A Photographer

You can download the course materials here:

Lecture notes:


Class Page:

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  • Watching these for the first time in 2017. So grateful for your knowledge and time spent on these. I trust my brain has sufficient elasticity for all the stretching. Bless you!

    Firefromthenorth - 10 months ago

  • thanks for the class. I arrive a litle bit late, now or today is march 25, 2017. really you make a very good job. un gran abrazo

    jose a. hermoso m. - 11 months ago

  • Thank you so much, Ted.

    Alejo Sorel - 13 months ago

  • What? Saw the video, made a 35mm frame and what the first thing a i did after that? Shot with my phone a pencil through the frame. Go figure.

    Rafael Mazzer - 14 months ago

  • If we were discussing authors' styles, we wouldn't talk about the genres their works fall into, would we? So it's somewhat disconcerting to listen to you talking about style when discussing the specializations that photographers choose - eg, landscape, street, and so on. With the analogy from writing, it seems that a visual artist's style would revolve around his particular techniques and methods in support of his art. Not his voice, but the particular means he uses to express his voice.

    Tom R - 17 months ago

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