Multiplicity Photography Tutorial

- December 2, 2016



Multiplicity Photography is the process of taking several photos of a human, animal, or object in different areas of the frame, and then combining them in Photoshop. In sports, this is known as Sequence Photography.

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It’s the photo extremists and today we are going to learn how to take pictures of clones of yourself in different areas of a picture this is known as multiplicity it’s also known as sequence photography when you’re doing sports of like a skateboarder going off a wrap and each little section where is jumping it you can see it in the frame ah OK so I’m going to use a remote for my camera you don’t need a remote you can use the self-timer if you don’t have a self-timer you can use a friend to take the pictures so I am going to start off here and then you’ll get your going to see copies me around the frames are so let’s just take the first one ok and now I’m going to move over and I guess I can put my arm around here if I wanted to and look over myself.

ok and now I’m going to go over here and I’m going to be jumping over myself so often duck down like this look up ok now I’m going to be jumping over myself so all right so I got all four and this little frame and now we’re going to go to Photoshop and combine the pictures so let’s do that right now ok after you’re done taking the pictures you’re going to want to put them on your desktop and then when you’re in Photoshop you’re going to click file and then you’re going to scroll down to scripts and then you’re going to go down to load files into stack you’re going to and then you’ll see this and you’re going to click browse and you’re going to select the photos that you took you’re going to click OK you’re going to leave these unchecked because we had our camera on a tripod so we don’t have to worry about aligning the images.

So now you’re just going to click OK and now it’s going to take about a minute to do this so let’s just wait and wait and wait ok so here we are we have all over for pictures that we took it in different layers so now we’re going to select each layer and add a layer mask to each one there’s a little button down here this is add a layer mask just click that on every single one now you’re going to want to select the top layer and right now this layer mask is white so we want a black brush and we’re just going to erase him and then you’d probably thinking oh my gosh what are you doing but don’t worry I’m going to bring them back in a second and because this looks weird right here I’m just going to make a soft brush to really even that out ok so now that he’s gone I’m going to click the layer mask to select it and then invert it by pushing control I OK so now that just I just hear a stand brought it back so I’m basically deleting everything besides the person when I’m dealing with the layer mask so now we’re going to do the exact same thing with this dude right here it’s a white layer masking so I’m going to use a black brush to make it hard and I’m going to just brush over I’m doing is quickly because this is just a tutorial OK and now click ctrl I there you go they do the exact same thing with this guy just get them out and lips control I and there you go now when you’re all done you want to go up to layer flatten image and that just combines all the layer layers now I’m going to crop that car so image crop and maybe a little bit on the right side and that’s it so there you go looks pretty cool I like to use multiplicity when your arm in different like Heights not just in a big long row you can do it either way but I like to use like up down and all around type of thing if you want to see more tutorials go to you productions com there’s a bunch over there of all these different trick photography tutorials so that’s it and I want to see your multiple city pictures and here’s a challenge try to get 100 of yourself in one frame 100 pictures that is my ultimate challenge for you if you can do that I will give you a prize send me your picture and I will give you a prize alright see ya .

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