Photography tips – How to shoot amazing landscapes in 24 hours

- December 7, 2016



We gave the Practical Photography team 24 hours to travel anywhere in the UK and return with a bagful of stunning images worthy of hanging on the wall. The challenge? To decide once and for all who is the better photographer. Who claimed victory? You’ll have to watch this exclusive video to find out. Suffice to say this special episode includes loads of advice on how to shoot amazing images of iconic locations such as the Lake District and Northumberland’s spectacular coast.

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  • Thank you for the wonderful video. Very informative. I loved the time lapse on the slider at 16:00.

    Ronald Quint - 2 days ago

  • I would have liked to have seen what camera settings you used for each shot, and what kind of lens you used. Also I would have liked to have seen the editing process. It was very entertaining! Great video!

    Robb Breck - 1 month ago

  • This would be easy for me. I live in Montana and I am only a few hours by auto from Yellowstone National Park.

    Montana GrizzFan - 1 month ago

  • It's ironic that I learned photo editing before I knew anything about photography. My love of photoshop helped me to get a job at Now this video helps me to redesign the photos assigned to me. Thank you so much.

    raze larius - 1 month ago

  • 16:29 'all the weather forecasts said'...the lake district is notorious for low cloud and rain, weather changes are so localised its next to impossible to get a decent prediction. best way is to speak to locals. i have seen low cloud like that sit for days across a valley and not budge.

    lenny harry - 1 month ago

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