Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial For beginner | make your first manipulation Photo

- December 7, 2016



In This videos i will show you,the basic concepts of photo manipulation. You Can Learn How to make spike hair,change background of photo,change shirt and sun glass color.

The photo manipulation tutorials that we have chosen for this post are all aimed towards beginner and intermediately skilled manipulators. So if you are a Photoshop expert, there is nothing here for you, move along please.

We are also not going to pretend that these tutorials will make you a guru, mastering Photoshop is hard, really hard. What they will do is teach you some new photo editing techniques and allow you to discover some truly time-saving tips. Ultimately, with a little bit of work on your part they will all allow you to expand your skillset. Anyway, on with the tutorials…

Beautiful Sunrise Landscape Photo Manipulation tutorials

In this tutorial you’ll be shown how to create the above photo manipulated sunrise landscape in Photoshop, learning how to combine different stock images to build a cohesive scene, blend & adjust color and create beautiful lighting effects.

Dark Power Unleashed tutorial Surreal Digital Art in Photoshop

Starting with a simple city image, in this tutorial you will be shown how to recreate the above manipulation, entitled “Dark Power Unleashed”.

A Science Fiction Environment With Photoshop

With this tutorial, you will learn how to create the above science fiction scene, learning how to set up your color scheme, set your perspective, and how to create a monster robot.

A Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop

In this highly imaginative tutorial you will learn how to photo manipulate a fantasy woman that is gently floating underwater.

A Fantasy Fiery Portrait Photo-Manipulation

You’ll learn how to use textures, how to create realistic fire and lighting to bring this ‘fiery portrait of a woman’ together.

An Awesome Planet Explosion Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an impressive planet explosion effect, using a few simple manipulation and selection techniques, mixing with custom brush painting and finally, adjustment layers for adding colors.

An 80s Style Poster Design With GoMedia

A Water Splashing Effect for a Lady Photo Manipulation

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create custom brushes based on scans of different types, and then putting them to use to create the above photo manipulation.

Paint with Fire Photoshop Tutorial

Using some of the most common Photoshop tools (like Smudge, Dodge and Burn), this tutorial will show you how to recreate the above photo manipulation artwork without needing any third-party plug-ins.

A Horror Movie-Themed Photo Composition

In this tutorial you will be shown how to, using the appropriate light balance, use of midtones, depth of field and blending, create this horror movie manipulation.

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