Secret Trick Photography and Special Effects Techniques

- December 7, 2016


Learn how to use laser pens for visual effects, how to do trick editing with photoshop, How to capture infra-red light with DSLR, How to get the sharpest photo possible, How to use flashes to light up your subject, How to market photographs to sell for profit, How to use every aspect of your camera, How to make money from the pictures you take, how to tweak color settings in camera, how to freeze motion n take high speed photographs, how to take 3D images with your camera, how to take star trail pictures, how to capture high dynamic range nature shots, how to shoot n edit 360 panoramic shots, how to make light painting images, but it doesn’t stop there. Visit the link above for much more!

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  • Hey, for the longest time I couldn't wrap my head around special effects and trick photography.  There is a lot of information out there but not many good step by step tutorials.  Luckily I finally found an incredible guide that's really easy to follow!

    I feel like I went from an average photographer to a rockstar, everybody loves my new photos.  If you're interested in special effects and making your photos look amazing email me at and I'll tell you what I know!

    I only wish I would have found this sooner so I could have mastered my craft a little more by now.  If I can help somebody achieve something great it would make me so happy!

    dave mills - 48 months ago

  • guys this is a fake account! look up PHOTOEXTREMIST on youtube, that's the guy in this videos real channel.

    Jared Singleton - 54 months ago

  • You know ya stuff! Awesome

    golddigginbettie - 56 months ago

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    Louie Anderson - 57 months ago

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