The Secrets to Low Light Photography, Tips and Techniques

- November 26, 2016



Whether you shoot with a Canon, Nikon, or any other camera, learn how to take great photographs when there is limited lighting without using a flash or tripod. Covered are camera basics, ideal settings, and low cost alternatives for fast lenses that work well in low light.

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  • How backwards we are today, How dependant on Auto this that and the other's.
    pictures were taken in low light 50,60 70 years ago, manual focus camera 35mm film.
    Best way for you to do it today is Simple.
    wack a 50mm prime lens on yer dslr and switch everything to auto, 90 percent of your photos should be perfectly good.
    If you haven't got a 50mm prime lens, use whatever lens you have and try to avoid using the zoom, it's better to zoom with feet than lens, allows more light to reach the sensor.
    if you are not in possession of a dslr or a larger sensor camera than its going to be difficult, remember that video in low light is much darker than taking a photo 📷

    Professional Gamer - 8 months ago

  • Nice:)

    Paul Taborovsky - 10 months ago

  • what settings to catch a drummer . my images always come out blurry

    Guy Incognito - 10 months ago

  • Info on this was more than helpful, good stuff

    ben eather - 10 months ago

  • Good video, but just a minor correction. The correct spelling is Aperture, not Aperature

    Eric R - 13 months ago

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