UV Blacklight Photography Tutorial (Ultraviolet-Induced Visible Fluorescence)

- December 2, 2016



In this ultraviolet photography tutorial you will learn how to use the best UV black lights to photographically remix the reality around you to inducing visible fluorescence (UVIVF).

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  • Could I filter the lens rather than the flash to capture uvivf fluorescence? I have converted a Vivitar 286 to full spectrum.
    I also have a full spectrum converted Canon 60d. If I stack a Schott S8612 filter and a U-340 on the lens while firing the flash uncovered will I achieve the same results?

    Natasha Phillips - 1 month ago

  • Have you ever tried using shortwave UV on leaves in autumn? Does it produce any interesting effects?

    Mcek Minski - 5 months ago

  • It is funny your a photographer but you do not know how that beanie makes your hear look! Maybe you were going for the daddy ran over my head when i was younger look? I live next to the best photographer of all times! Jessie Eastland! You can check his pics out on wikipedia. Just messing with ya!

    JACOB Faulkner - 5 months ago

  • Hey, I'm asking this while I'm watching the video, so I'm sorry if it's already said, but I want to make a photoshoot with UV lights on model, is it dangerous for people or the skin?

    ShakiritoProductions - 8 months ago

  • Thanks a Million!

    Norman Zeb - 9 months ago

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