Vaporwave Photography Tutorial, here in my garage

- December 7, 2016



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I just got this Nikon D810 here but you want to know what I like a lot more the materialistic things knowledge in fact I’m actually a lot more proud of this Nikon d50 that I used to write 300-page photography book that you probably already should’ve bought you know it’s just like when i say it on the website ideas are more important than gear now I don’t keep this Nikon d50 here as an extra camera just to show off I keep it as a reminder it’s a reminder that it wasn’t too long ago that I was living in a van down by the river with only forty-seven dollars in my bank account which is actually just precisely the same number of dollars which is required to purchase trick photography and special effects that wasn’t too long ago that I was using that camera to take pictures like this this and this I had no job I had no education but something happened to change my life I went on the internet and I encountered a role model and then encountered another role model i encountered like for role models and one mentor and they showed me what was needed to talk to you today here in my garage going to beat up we’re going to be what are we doing today we’re going to be making some a vaporwave our paper wave is actually musical genre and I don’t really want to describe it

However if I had to describe it the most simplistic terms I just think of a tease or nineties music being played through a telephone think of it like that however it’s not just a musical genre there’s actually a visual aesthetic that goes along with it I’m going to be showing you how to do that this aesthetic of vaporwave contains a lot of commonly used elements throughout lots of pictures just go to google images type in vaporwave and see what I’m talking about for whatever region that PG bottle it’s pretty common plants are popular as the Rosary shopping malls and those are very aesthetic and palm trees in particular are very popular element people use I don’t have a palm tree with me although I do have this plant sort of looks like one Roman imperialistic sculptures are pretty common I don’t really have any of those of do i do have the marble horse head which is pretty much the same thing we’re gonna get these bottles in midair going to make them float in midair water this plant with this beautiful expensive natural artisan water by fiji and maybe I feel like it I probably maybe might do this maybe not i might have some VHS tapes and cassette tapes kind of floating around as well although i don’t know that’s kind of cheesy i may not do that this is the main light is going to be lighting up the main seen having an angle there and this light over here has a twilight colored gel on it to give it that vaporwave feel and there’s also a grid on this cone the grid makes it so that the light doesn’t spill every which way and it’s just a focused pool of light and there’s diffusion material which is just a paper towel over this kind of softens up the line a little bit.

Then on the other side mirroring that light symmetrically we have the same thing coming with the grid with the gel with the diffusion and that’s a blue gel so we’re going to get the purple and the blue nice Twilight colors for the background i have the exact same thing except it’s a red gel and it’s putting up at a black background to make it red and there’s actually a big plastic bag over this strobe to protect it from water because once I get these water bottles in midair and I start pouring water i’m probably going to miss and that water will probably go every which way and I might hit the light which I don’t want to do so i have the plastic bags there that’s the main light this light is not going to be doing anything that so this light will be off and the only thing that this life is going to be doing is basically blocking the blue gelled light and making it so that this camera cannot see that light because if it did you would get lens flare because that line is basically pointing at the camera because it’s a backlight the other thing that light will be doing a little bit not much is acting as a little bit of a reflector because this is white material and white reflects light so what am I going to do with these two cameras I’m going to take a picture with this one and a picture with this one and I’m going to show you how they are very very close to one another you can see through the bottle and sometimes I’m just using my hand ideally I would be using like a clear stick glued onto the bottle to the back of the bottle i’m not doing that thumbs yeah so this works ok long story short if you compare the two images they look very similar to one another in fact you could even make the argument that the one created by the Nikon d50 actually looks better I don’t know why that is maybe something maybe it was the white balance maybe had something to do with the lens because i actually was unfortunately using two different lenses a if I did this properly I would have just used the exact same lens but i have enough time but you get the picture they look very similar proving that the camera is it really that important when you have good lighting so lighting is more important than your camera and your lenses are more important than your camera and ideas are more important than your gear and this right here is the final image I’d i made as you can see I did throw in some VHS tapes for the heck of it some cassette tapes now.

At this point you may be asking how did you get those things to flow you’re holding them well I used the thing in Photoshop called layer masks and I have plenty of videos on this on YouTube already and it’s covered in the trick photography and special effects course so check a previous video i’ve already made to figure that out i’m not going to go over it again in this video sorry there’s different variations that I could have done there’s so many different ways to do this you know I kind of made a blue could have made it yellow taken off the gels completely committed a purple but you know there’s a bunch of things you can do with this and if you don’t have these fancy studio strobes you can use speed lights they’re cheaper or you don’t have that you can use light bulbs if you want and then work just fine only thing with that is though you’ll need it longer shutter speed but that’s not that big of a deal and here’s another version just without the VHS tapes I kind of like that one more in a different way but yeah that’s the video you’re my garage showing off my new pepper genies i do have to test this out first taste so good it tastes so aesthetic.

For the latest Vaporwave Tutorial, click here:

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  • April Fools prank or not, this tutorial is PERFECT.

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  • "HERE IN MY GARAGE" Tai Lopez.... ROFL, Nice one Photo Extremist!!

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